Native token

Pixel Battle has an economic system based on tokens.
With Core, an in-game token, and $PWC (ERC-20), a governance token, only Core can be acquired and used in-game, and $PWC can be used for project-wide governance activities.
The total amount of $PWC tokens issued is 1,000,000,000 and thus the maximum supply is fixed. Core is issued in-game to match this supply.
$PWC's main utility is to allow its owners to participate in and voice their opinions on the development of Pixel Battle’s ecosystem.
$PWC allows its owners to propose and vote on on-chain governance for pixel-battle-based platforms to determine future functionality and expansion (voting is, of course, only for pixel-battle platform functions).
The community members maintain and promote the development of the ecosystem of Pixel Battle, and they will be rewarded for their time, expertise, and effort through $PWC incentives.
Core cannot be traded or transferred, is restricted to in-game currency only, and can be swapped at a certain rate (exchange rate) with a governance token, $PWC. Core can be obtained through all activities in-game and is used as the default currency for NFT mecha, Arena tickets, betting, auction, and etc.