Pixel battle summary

Pixel Battle is a 'dynamic shooting game' that overcomes various variables and environmental risks in real-time competition between users.
Developed using the Unity engine, which is versatile and have excellent graphic-implementation, it offers a full web/PC/Mobile experience that is hard to see in Web3 games. The reason for the emphasis on versatility is that it is designed to take into account future game scalability to leverage Pixel Battle's IP and increase value.
Pixel Battle is a game set in the Hyper Galaxy, revolving around power struggles and players take on the role of pilots controlling mechas to progress through the game.
The game consists of three different modes.
  • Survival Mode : PvE
  • Arena Mode : PvP
  • Colosseum Mode : Betting
Furthermore, the game features a player-driven economy based on two currencies, Gold and Core.