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Colosseum mode (Betting)

The game is a betting-based AI mecha selection where players can choose a mecha they believe will win based on the information provided for the 3 selected AI mechas. The game displays the expected winner, and players can place bets accordingly. A certain entry fee is required before the match starts, and the payout is determined based on the match result. To ensure fair betting, the game utilizes machine learning data generated from over 10 million simulations. This data helps in making the odds accurate and unbiased.
  • There is no need for any special controls or gameplay skills. Players can simply enjoy spectating the AI battles and witness the match results.
  • Upon entering the game, players submit an entry fee in Core currency. If they win, they can choose to use their winnings for up to 5 additional rounds of betting.
  • Each selected mech has win-rate information, which influences the odds. If a player's chosen mech wins the match, the prize money is determined based on the odds.