Ingame minting (Future update)

In addition to the external NFT launchpad, Mecha can be acquired through Core within the game. The total grade of Mecha that can be obtained in-game is level 5, and it can be obtained according to the set probability.

The reason why we don't call it NFT here yet is that it's not recorded on the online chain until it's sent to the wallet. In the future, we will add a function to send it to the wallet through an on-chain connection, and until then, the benefits as an NFT holder will be applied the same.

This is because in-game minting aims for game content that can be played without NFT for the popularity of Web3 games. To grow the pool size of pilots with easy access to Web3 games and become a popular gaming content, contributing to the long-term value of $PWC is vital.

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