Token utility

In Pixel Battle, all forms of currency can initially be earned from "Game Mode".
Even without an NFT, a pilot can log into the game and earn $Cores through survival, arena, colosseum, and staking modes (modes will continuously be updated).
$Cores can be used to gain an advantage in battle, which will lead to opportunities to gain even more $Cores. All consumed $Core will be accumulated in the DAO/Burning Pool, and Treasury(Reward) Pool. $Cores accumulated in the Treasury Pool will be rewarded to Pixel Battle players via numerous game/system events and other reward systems.
Pilots can use $Cores to mint new Mecha NFTs in-game for themselves. Mecha NFTs each have their own stats/specs and can each be used in unique ways that fit users’ different playstyles.
Holders of multiple Mecha NFTs will be given the opportunity to earn $Core with idle NFTs through an upcoming feature called “staking mode” (details to be updated). When the mecha is “staked”, there is a chance for the Mecha NFT’s durability to decrease. NFTs that have run out of durability are returned to the factory and placed in the Burn Pool. The corresponding NFTs are subsequently incinerated. Such systems will limit inflation and prevent overproduction of Mecha NFTs. This will protect the value of players’ Mecha NFTs. We will provide more details regarding “staking mode” and other such features in upcoming launch announcements for said features.