The Hyper galaxy

  • The Hyper Galaxy consists of five planets, making it a very small galaxy. However, it is considered the most advanced galaxy throughout space. Not only is it resource-rich, but each planet is also designed to play a stable role thanks to the 'Mr. Mute' Pixelnet system, which played a crucial role in making the Hyper Galaxy thrive. Nevertheless, the system is not without flaws, and the ruling classes exploit these vulnerabilities, providing an opportunity for power struggles and dominance over the Hyper galaxy.

PixelNet system

  • The Hyper Galaxy maintains stability and ensures prosperity for all its citizens through a well-designed social, economic, administrative, and defense system. Planets maintain suitable environments through energy exchange between them. This system primarily operates through portals, allowing for immediate access to resources and food produced on each planet. The interconnectedness of the planets enables free movement and the establishment of robust defense systems, contributing to a stable and peaceful galaxy. In this society, citizens are free to choose professions on different planets based on their interests and talents. They are compensated for their work with a unified currency known as PWC, which is widely used in the integrated Pixelnet economy across all planets.

Power struggle and demotion

  • 'Mr. Mute,' once in control of the system, falls into the hands of the ruling faction amid power struggles, leading to the seizure of control over the system. Left with little power, 'Mr. Mute' gathers what remains and ends up overseeing the planet 'Pixel,' the most backward yet resource-rich planet with diverse resources accessible through portals. Seeing the Pixelnet system being abused by those in power and witnessing the galaxy's precarious state, 'Mr. Mute' cannot stand idly by. In an effort to restore the system and bring peace to the galaxy, 'Mr. Mute' decides to utilize the limitless resources available on Pixel and gather mecha pilots from various corners of the galaxy.

Pixel Battle

  • To build an overwhelming military power, 'Mr. Mute' collaborates with 'Super1ink' to devise a training method for disordered pilots in secrecy from the ruling faction. They create a Pixel Battle, disguised as a sports arena, where essential warfare techniques can be trained. This covert operation aims to nurture exceptional mecha pilots capable of confronting the ruling class and reclaiming the system with formidable force. The grand plan is set in motion to establish a powerful force capable of taking on the rulers and retrieving control of the system.

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