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Colosseum mode betting

The Colosseum mode, where the initial version is released, is one of the more popular game modes. While Arena mode sought fierce competition, Colosseum mode adopted a more popular game system.
It provides the user with the winning rate information of AI mecha learned through more than 10 million deep-learning simulations.
Three random Mecha with the first weapon selected will participate in the competition, and the remaining possibilities will be randomly selected after the start of the competition to enter the battle. The availability and combat situation of each Mecha were used as variables to enhance exciting battles.
If you win, you will receive Core after deducting the fee based on the dividend rate. There is also a ‘double up' system that allows you to win more Core through successive wins.
Fees are set aside in the Treasury Pool and are again offered as rewards to the pilots. A portion of the total fees will be periodically burned to protect the value of $PWC. This burning process helps to reduce the circulating supply of $PWC over time, which can potentially lead to an increase in its value. The exact schedule and details of the burning process will be announced.