Earning point

Survival mode
  • Core stage clear : There is a stage in which the core is awarded as a reward for the initial clear of each stage. If you clear the stage, you will be rewarded with assigned number of cores.
  • General stage clear : If you clear all stages, you will get a box gauge based on your results. If this gauge is achieved 100%, the box will be opened, which will give you a certain probability of getting a core. The probability of obtaining a core can be found on each mode stage's selection page.
Arena mode
  • Competition: Arena mode, an intense battle royale competitive mode, allows up to five players to compete in the same field by shooting and destroying enemy mechs to earn ranking points.
  • Ranking: Players can earn rewards based on their ranking, which resets on a weekly basis. We've designed a large reward system for 1st through 3rd place, with rewards up to 50th place, which will motivate the fierce competition, which is the planning intention of Arena mode.
Colosseum mode
  • Dividend: If the selected mech wins the AI battle, the player will be rewarded according to the odds. Payouts are made after fees are deducted, with fee reductions based on the NFT tier you own.
  • Consecutive bets: If you win and receive a payout, you can use that payout to place your next bet. You can place up to 5 consecutive bets, and the odds increase with each consecutive bet.