Pixel Battle

Pixel Battle official whitepaper, initial release 2022.10.01

Web3 is evolving through the gaming industry.

The Web3 paradigm is now an irreversible flow. Web3 is a paradigm in which players who devote to the ecosystem can own and claim their respective assets and contribute to development, and is a powerful alternative to maintaining an organic symbiotic relationship between companies and players.

Pixel Battle is a Battle Royale shooting game.

Players can experience battle in the Battle Royale space of Pixel Battle, one of the various events of Pixel Planet, and increase digital value such as Mecha NFT and goods through gameplay and organic communication system.

Pixel Battle's goal is 'more fun'.

Players from the traditional Web2 market, as well as players from the existing blockchain market, continue to connect with players from various environments and roles to create a game that contributes to the interaction between players to culminate in a variety of novel variables leading to [more fun]. Pixel Battle offers variety of modes. In the early stages, a single-play 'Survival Mode' is provided as a simple shooting training, followed by a multi-play 'Arena Mode' for a dynamic shooting experience. In addition, we are preparing a variety of content that will increase the value of our assets based on our play contributions and we have designed these missions step by step in constructing the smooth mechanisms between our blockchain game systems and players.

  1. Detailed tutorial and training mode configuration for smooth in-game settlement of Web3 users

  2. Provides social login that allows end users to enjoy games freely without NFT

  3. Designing an economic model between different modes that are distinct from traditional Web3 games

  4. Managing inflation/deflation for sustainability of NFT and commodity values

  5. Design different modes and economic structures that can contribute to the ecosystem depending on the player's role (investor, holder, and general player)

  6. Fierce competition that maximizes fun and creates shooting metaverse that can lead to variety of different stories

We hope that Pixel Play, its players, and the community can contribute to the expansion of the ecosystem in line with the Web3 paradigm.

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