A game mode where you can earn more CoreStones by earning prediction.

How to Play

  • The mecha automatically starts mining. Place your bet before starting mining.

  • You can bet 1000/2000/3000 CoreStones.

  • Once mining starts, it's unpredictable when the miner will explode.

  • Before the miner explodes, 'Bet Out' to reclaim your CoreStones.

  • The longer the successful mining lasts, the more CoreStones you can obtain.

  • If the miner explodes before 'Bet Out,' you lose all CoreStones bet in that round.

  • Instead, if your bet fails, you receive a certain amount of energy as compensation.

  • When the energy gauge reaches 100%, you can obtain a random mecha.


  • There's a 10% chance that the miner may explode as soon as mining starts.

All balancing stats are subject to change.

As a part of early stage promotion, the same Mecha can be used for Pixel M and the Pixel Battle the game at the same time. This can be changed in the future.

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