The newly issued utility card for Pixel M assists players to easily obtain CoreStone during each mode of play (Mining, Combat). There are a total of five categories of utility cards, and they are divided into five grades of rarity.

Card Acquisition

Cards can be acquired through the following two methods:

  1. Shop and Combat Mode: In the in-game shop, players can use CoreStone to open random boxes to acquire cards. Alternatively, in Combat Mode, players have a chance to obtain a Bigbox, which when opened, may contain a card. The acquisition probabilities differ by grade. Please check the stats of items by grade in the game play.

  2. Dosi Market operated by Line Next: Players can purchase minted cards from the Dosi Market. Cards of different grades from SS to A are minted and available for guaranteed purchase. The initial issuance quantities are as follows. A 50% discount promotion is available for one month after launch (2024.06.12 - 07.12).

Card Type

Utility cards serve the following five purposes:

Card Usage

Once acquired, cards can be equipped in slots to apply their functions in the respective mode. In the CARD menu, players can see their list of acquired cards. By pressing the Mount button, the card can be equipped in an empty slot and up to three cards can be equipped.

Selling cards

If you don't need any of the cards you've earned, you can sell them in two ways

  1. Trading on Dosi Market: You can link your account on Dosi Market to transfer the items to your wallet and then sell them on the Market for a secondary price.

  2. Exchange: You can burn the item within the app and exchange it for CoreStones. There are different amounts of CoreStones for each rarity.

Slot Expension

One slot is provided for free by default. The remaining two slots can be expanded through in-app purchases. When opening an additional slot, one utility card is also provided. A package that opens both slots together is available with a 30% discount compared to individual expansions.

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