Pixel M Connect

The feaeture allows Mechas being used on the Pixel Battle game to be also useful on Pixel M.

The Pixel Battle development team considers that the current SDK provided by Metamask is unreliable, so we have developed our own connection and synchronization functions. This is to provide pilots with more convenient and play quickly.

  1. Click the mobile app menu on the bottom left of the Pixel Battle main screen.

  2. In the pop-up, scan the QR code to download Pixel M.

  3. Check the connection code in the pop-up. This is your unique user code.

  4. After downloading Pixel M, click the Settings button in the top right corner of the screen.

  5. Enter the connection code at the top of the settings pop-up and click the Connect button.

  6. Restart Pixel Battle and Pixel M.

    1. In Pixel Battle, click the mobile app menu to check the connection status.

    2. On Pixel M, check the settings popup to see the connection status and the list of different Mechas in mining mode.

  7. If all of the above is confirmed, the connection between Pixel Battle and Pixel M is successfully completed.

Pixel M needs to be closed and restarted completely after syncing with the Pixel Battle. The process will be improved in the future.

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