Game Play - Pixel M

Integration with existing Mecha NFT is in preparation

'Always Pixel Battle' being our motto, the Pixel Battle team developed a mobile application to enable our pilots to contribute to the ecosystem in other ways anywhere. Pixel M requires minimum attention and simple clicks to gather resources and designed as the simplest tool for players to join the ecosystem.

Special features by Pixel M are as follow.

  • It can be played without NFTs. Different resource gathering capabilities depending on the rarity of Mecha NFTs (Minted and airdropped Mecha NFTs can be applied on the mobile app).

  • Basic novice Mecha is provided for Combat / Mining Mode (Can't be minted into NFT).

  • Resources can be earned over time by simply clicking.

  • Ad watching provides rewards which is similar to general mobile app experience.

  • Additional rewards from referral codes and friend invitations.

With its Beta released in this October, Pixel M will be continuously updated to further integrate with the Pixel Battle and provide more gameplay experience.

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