ARENA Mode allows up to 5 players to battle against each other online to achieve the highest rank.

Entry ticket

  • Pilot uses entry ticket to enter the game. Based on many years of experience and observation, the Pixel Battle team introduced ticket reuqirement in order to prevent various abusing scenario and grifting which could harm the gaming experience.

  • 5 tickets are provided at every 00:00 UTC

  • Additional tickets are given according to the tier of the Mecha being held. See Holder Benefit for more details. When no more ticket is available, 1,000 Cores is needed to be paid for more Arena battles.


  • Pilot submits 1 ticket to enter Arena where other pilots are already in combat.

  • Invasion during the combat mitigates fatigue that can happen while waiting the matchmaking cue.

  • Pilots will need to defeat NPC enemies and level up to upgrade weapons and abilities just like in the Survival Mode.


  • Ranks are determined by points earned by defeating other pilots during the Arena Mode.

  • Ranking Point = Kill Point(Sum of defeated enemy levels) + Level Point(Final Player Level - 1)


  • Ranking points earned by all the pilots for 1 week will be aggregated and ranked at 00:00 UTC every Sunday.

  • Rewards are given in Core according to the ranks. Reward per Rank (1st ~ 50th)

    • 1st 36,000 Core

    • 2nd 20,000 Core

    • 3rd 10,000 Core

    • 4~10th 2,000 Core

    • 11~50th 1,000 Core

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