SURVIVAL Mode(Single)

SURVIVAL Mode is a single player mode where players can have dynamic shooting game experience and learn to make strategic decisions. Players should defeat NPC enemies in order to gain exp points and develop according to one’s own game plan within the stage's time limit.


  • Defeat the NPC enemies and bosses to acquire resources needed for developing the mecha

  • At each level up, you are given with 3 randomly selected weapons and abilities to upgrade.

  • Choose according to your strategy. Weapons and abilities come in variety, allowing you to try out various combinations for each gameplay.


  • Stage finishes once NPCs and stage boss are eliminated within the given time limit.


  • There’s a special reward for clearing a stage for the first time. First clear rewards are different for each stage. Repeated clearing earns reward chest points which allows you to open reward chest for the chance to win Gold or Cores.

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