COLOSSEUM Mode(Betting)

In COLOSSEUM Mode, You can make prediction on the outcome of the battle between 3 selected Mecha being controlled by AI based on the stats for each of them. Entry requires a small fee and the reward multiplier is decided by the result. For fairness, the auto combat is run by data based on more than 10 million battles generated by machine learning system.

Choosing a Mecah

  • To ensure a fair play, the Pixel Battle team selected 15 Mecha NFTs and ran machine learning over 10 million times to obtain data.

  • This data is displayed as odds to help pilots predict the outcome.


  • No special controls are required. Players can enjoy watching AI battles and see the results.


  • The game begins with the pilot looking at the ratings and stats of the 3 selected Mecha, their initial weapon of choice, and their odds, then bet Cores on one of them.

  • After winning, you can place another bet consecutively with the payout from the previous match. You can place up to five consecutive bets to earn more rewards.


  • Each selected Mecha has odds shown in the information. If you win the game, your winnings will be determined based on the odds.

  • Payouts to pilots are made after deducting a commission (5%).

  • The payout commission is reduced by up to 2% depending on the class of the Mecha the pilot is currently equipped with.

    • Legendary : -3%

    • Hero : -2%

    • SuperRare : -1.5%

    • Rare : -1%

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